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BISL 2018 has officially began.  Congrats to Team Ron for winning the kick-off Fantasy Tournament.  Was a fun day for all who came out and participated.  Close games and a great day for softball with some excellent weather.  A few new faces and many familiar ones to catch-up with. 
See everyone on Sunday November 4th for the 1-Pitch Tournament.  Schedule will be posted soon.
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Had a blast at the BISL seasoning opening event yesterday, Fantasy Day. This is a super friendly one day semi tourney where anybody from league can sign up and than teams are drafted for the day. A great way to play on same side with some guys who will be the opposition over the next 5 months. We had 35 people sign up so we drafted 3 teams...I was one of the "drafters" and used my age card to demand I get first pick in the draft. Went with the ultra talented #55 JENT from the Thai Sharks. A great team effort from all 10 led to an undefeated day. (2-0, whoopdy doo) As friendly and informal as it was the competitive juices still flow once the game starts and I have to say our coming back from 3 down and than 5 down in back to back extra innings of a 2-2 game at end of regulation was one of the more fun W's of my 43 year softball career!
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Time for some softball again Bangkok with another BISL season all set to kick-off.  The Bootleggers & Tilac will once again be back to defend their titles from 2018.  MSport has gone through a branding change and will now be the Long Table.  Will they still be wearing the classic blue that they brought over from RBSC or will we witness a new look overall.  The Sharks will once again be reaching into their farm system along with a key acquisition to again reach glory days as they had during the battle years with the Hit Squad.  Speaking of reaching into farm systems, BMW has another league they like to dip into so we’ll see what will be up their sleeves.  Let’s not forget our newest team from last year, the Free Agents who finished on a high note at the end of last season with some veteran leadership and a name change to the Mercenaries who they’ll return as.  They’re still looking for more bodies so feel free to let people know that the BISL wants to continue to grow and welcomes all.  
Our season will officially kick-off with a Fantasy Tournament that is open to anyone who wishes to participate and try our league, meet people and enjoy some good old fashion softball.  The tournament is scheduled for Oct 14th with the One Pitch taking place Nov 4th and Week one of the season Nov 11th.  Mark those dates and lets GO!!


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2018-19 TEAMS

The Battle of BANGKOK is confirmed!

The Battle of BANGKOK is confirmed!
But first a shoutout, the Saigon International Softball Classic concluded this past Monday with the Bangkok Soi Dawgs finishing 3rd overall after losing in the semifinals of the Champions Gold Division to the Guzzlers. The BISL and Bangkok Soi Dawgs would like to give a big thanks to all the SISC organizers for another fantastic tournament!

NOW IT'S TIME to announce the dates for the 26th ANNUAL BIST, Bangkok International Softball Tournament is confirmed November 16-18, 2018 in BANGKOK! More details to follow this week! If you wish to enter a team and need more details PM us with any questions or email:


Crunch time is here as play-off season is approaching for our HK based brothers in bats and balls.

check out how the HK Slo-Pitch Softball League is shaping up by clicking on their logo below and visit their website.