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    Happy New Year and welcome to another exciting season of the BISL 2018.  We’re all set to begin play this coming Sunday Jan 14th with the Annual 1-Pitch Tournament.  This tournament was initially created for this purpose, as the official kick-off to the Bangkok Softball Season.  To once again see your softball brothers whom you haven’t in some time, catch-up, drink some beverages and have some real fun having not lifted up a bat in months.  Be prepared for some real laughs as its all part of the day.
    We can understand like the many of us working on BISL, that you too may be surprised this season is actually about to happen and we thank you for your patience and continued support in participating.  
    We’re happy to have a new home field at the American School of Bangkok (ASB Green Valley Campus) and would like to thank Tim Martin of the Bootleggers for driving the partnership.  ASB and Tim have shown a real commitment to work with BISL for years to come by making physical changes to their campus field and share the overall goal to grow the sport of softball in Bangkok.  
    ASB will also be providing concessions that will sell food and beverages (bring your own beer).  There only request is that there is NO smoking.  If you absolutely need to smoke the request is to please do so along the far outfield wall by the Khlong.  There are boarding students living on campus who’ll be walking around and even watching games and we’d like to continue to set a positive example.  
    This season we’ll also be adding, assisting and working on building a new 6th team called the Free Agents.  They are a collective of new players to the BISL, ASB players and as more players continue to join our league they’ll be invited to play with them.  As this team is still short of enough players to field a full team, each week on Friday any other players from the league on any current team may sign-up via a Google Doc and play.  Kevin who’s assisting in managing the Free Agents will open up the doc on Friday prior to that Sunday’s games and it’ll be first come first serve based on the number of players needed.  You may also request from your managers to change teams if you’d like and join the Free Agent’s full time.  Again the goal is to add an additional team to the league by helping them grow into one.
    We look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday and throughout the rest of 2018 BISL Season.
    Good luck!
    MEZ and ELI


    This year the front office of the Bangkok International Softball League has come with a great new plan to attract new players into the league who just arrived into town or just never knew about Slow-Pitch Softball in Bangkok.

    In previous years the idea of joining an existing group or team without knowing anyone on that team was a bit of a big step to take for some maybe,..... so why, "the Front Office" thought, not just start a team with all new comers into the league and thus create a great new platform for all to just join up and meet a bunch of like minded Base/ or Softball nutters and start playing some fun games in those otherwise boring send the wife to SIAM PARAGON shopping Mall and join us NOW in our new team called FREE AGENTS and have some cold ones with the the old timers and get to know all teams and players and make new alliances......or even better just bring the wife she might be better with balls then you had ever imagined previous..... BISL is a Co_ed league....


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    2017-18 TEAMS

    25th ANNUAL BIST Bangkok International Tournament was a GREAT success

    OK softball fans....what a weekend. I love this game and could make another billion posts about the weekend, but these will be the last 4 for BIST 2017, THE 25th ANNIVERSARY.........first post of the last 4....big shout out to everyone who came and participated in the 2017 BIST. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! and THANK YOU SOME MORE!

    Every single one of you! I hope you enjoyed your weekend in the Big Mango, The City of Angels, The City that Never Sleeps, The City that can make a hard man humble, the City that is the home of the best softball sponsor bar in history of mankind, Sam Tilac's famous TILAC. And hey come to think of it the city that is home to the Softball League the Bangkok International Softball League, the only league in the history of slo pitch softball that has 15 of their trophies as part of the props of a Hollywood Major Box Office hit, HANGOVER 3!!!!! There is only one Bangkok, there is only BIST, and what this weekend showed the two combined are bigger than any individuals could ever DREAM about being! Again,.....THANK YOU TO ALL.

    Thailand Slow Pitch Softball Team wins Presidents Cup at this years Jakarta in Pattaya Tournament


    THAILAND SLOW PITCH SOFTBALL TEAM could not repeat its success from last years KingsCup. From the start it looked like Team Thailand was doomed due to several players jumping the ship playing for other (more glamour we guess) teams. In general we applaud diversity in the Thailand Softball scene though one has to wonder when people would want to defend their countries honors..... Overall this was another great learning experience for management and players for sure....